Stop Baby Crying App Review for iPhone

Having a baby brings lots of happiness and joy to your world, but it can get a little frustrating sometimes with all the crying and the nappy changing for both the mommy and the baby. Well, we have a solution for at least one of these problems and no its not nappy changing! Morning Dew games brings a latest utility app to the app store called ‘Stop Baby Crying’ for soothing and calming 1-3 months old baby from crying.

Lets look into how the app works, the app includes various types of sounds like natural, metabolic sounds and white noise from which you can choose the one that suits your baby better. And under these different categories of sounds, the one included in the app are adult human heartbeat, amniotic fluid, radio static, plastic bag, jet engine and a vacuum cleaner though I am curious about the last one. The concept is based on the fact then when in the womb the baby is use to some of the noises so by playing the familiar sounds the baby can relate to them and will stop crying.

The interface of the game is very user friendly with apt colour scheme of pink and blue shades. The app displays the icon of six sounds, which you can just click and play for your baby. Your baby may not react to every sound the app contains so you will have try different sounds till you find the right one for your baby. For the purpose of the review we tried the app on three different babies out of which two stopped crying after listening to human heartbeat and plastic bag surprisingly and the third one will not stop crying no matter what sound was played.

So overall, the app may vary from baby to baby and might not work on some babies but hey you can always use it for listening to human heartbeat it is calming for sure, for babies and for adults. The app is available on tunes for 99 cents and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Score: 3.5/5

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